Writing Workshops

Are you ready to explore?

Creative writing requires inspired surroundings. It requires room to dream and imagine. With my Nature of Words workshops, you’ll explore your creative potential, discover your authentic voice and find the encouragement to keep your imagination alive, while surrounded by beauty. Experience the power of place while exploring your creativity.

Are you ready to create?

Each of us possesses an inner storehouse of experience that needs only space, permission and nurturing to emerge into powerful expression.  Your only challenge is to risk letting it flow.  Join me and you’ll find space to relax and reconnect, allowing intuition and creativity to mingle seamlessly.

Are you ready to shine?

This is about more than simply learning to write. It’s about connecting with the world around you. It’s about silence and solitude and sharing. It’s about opening up and giving voice to your true nature. With Nature of Words you’ll find the support and encouragement to let your own unique light shine.

Then, join me for one of the following workshops:

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