It’s not about the hike (Mondays, with gratitude #16)

It was a spontaneous decision…an email from a friend, subject heading, “It’s not about the hike, it’s about the journey.” She was proposing an 8 km overnight hike to Seely Beach along the Fundy Footpath and her subject heading couldn’t have been more appropriate. Any section of the 41 km long wilderness Fundy Footpath is &hellip Continue reading »

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A spring visit to the coast

Cape Jourimain marks the point where the graceful curve of the Confederation Bridge leaves New Brunswick shores to cross Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island. The bridge, at 12.9 km, is the longest bridge over ice-covered water in the world and it replaced the ferry crossing that was as much a part of my childhood &hellip Continue reading »

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Traveling uncertain ground

It was just an impromptu afternoon excursion with friends, a hike into the waterfalls on Memel Creek. It would be hard walking; although fields were bare, forests were still thick with grainy cornmeal snow…in some places hip deep. In fact, I hadn’t been on a trail for weeks as my carefully groomed path no longer &hellip Continue reading »

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No Thoughts of Spring…

Following every heavy snowfall, we do ‘trail maintenance’ behind our house, so a couple days ago, being a pleasant +2 Celsius, I set out to tramp our snowshoe trail through the woods and around a nearby duck pond. While most of my friends have the new, lightweight aluminum snowshoes, I prefer my good ole “beaver &hellip Continue reading »

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A Hillsborough history lesson

I’ve had to laugh when I’ve visited other blogs lately and seen comments about spring and warm weather. Sometimes it’s easy to forget in this global blog world, we don’t all live in the same climate zone. Here, in Atlantic Canada…we just enjoyed a wonderful winter snowstorm that dumped about 20 cm in our yards. &hellip Continue reading »

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Quiet Days, Slow Walks

On days when I want to feel immensely popular, I take Callie-dog for a romp down the trail to the duck pond behind our house. She tears down the trail ahead of me, whipping around the crest of the hill, her feathery blond tail whirling, past monstrous anthills that are somewhat deflated now that the &hellip Continue reading »

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What if November was Beauty?

We often think of November as bleak; the time of year when we begin to pull ourselves inward for the winter. But those occasional warm days are last minute gifts to be celebrated and bleakness, like beauty, depends on the eyes of the beholder. The Hopewell Rocks was ours alone today. Even the Bay of &hellip Continue reading »

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Susan Bennet RN has proof that she’s doing the trail challenge.

Caribou PLains Trail Fundy Park Coppermine Trail Fundy Park

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