Post-Christmas reflections

When I allow my mind to touch on the Christmas memories from my childhood, I can still see the piles of presents beneath the tree. We were never a wealthy family, but my parents splurged at Christmas. I know it brought them great joy, to be able to give me something that excited me. Regretfully, &hellip Continue reading »

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A season of peace

  “I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace.” Isaiah 54:13 It is two days before Christmas and I’m watching flakes gently falling. Outside, all is quiet, limbs limp beneath a covering of snow, the pine tree a portrait of tatted lace. Gentle music flows wistful beneath the hot breath of &hellip Continue reading »

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Celebrating Friendship

I didn’t find my friends; the good God gave them to me. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~ This weekend, I hosted one of two annual traditions – a Christmas dinner party – for a special group of women in my life. We first met in 2003, when we traveled to Belgium for a Joints in Motion &hellip Continue reading »

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Remembering Caledonia

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France As we now approach a week without our girl (first week, first month, first Christmas, first hike…all these will carry their own bittersweet moments), we still find ourselves muddling along, feeling our way through the cold corridors of loss, &hellip Continue reading »

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Saying good-bye

It’s been five days now and neither of us has made it through one without tears. I have not washed my hair because it seems like too much effort. Nor can I bear to wash the dog hair from my clothes or vacuum the floor. Mornings are hardest. We walk around the empty places, eyes &hellip Continue reading »

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Community Suppers (Mondays, with gratitude #23)

It is a scene of organized chaos. Steam billows up from every hot plate and stove in the crowded kitchen. Voices ring out…”More potatoes…Someone turn the turnip on….I need a child’s plate….Five take-outs, please!” Platters of turkey, bowls of coleslaw, cranberry sauce, pickles and beets, baskets of bread and donuts, pots of potatoes, turnips, peas, &hellip Continue reading »

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Sail home (Mondays, with gratitude #22)

I’ve never met Sara, but in the past two weeks have come to know her in her dying. Her story, her words, her blog has alternatively moved me to tears, lifted me, made me laugh, felled me. She has sailed on home now and I regret that I never knew her while she laughed. She &hellip Continue reading »

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Messy moments (Mondays, with gratitude #21)

The house is quiet and still. Cookie crumbs crunch underfoot, Cheerios roll out of odd places, finger and nose pictographs crisscross windows.  A red block peeks from under the sofa, smears of jam decorate the table.  A tiny facecloth dries on a chair. A tumbleweed of dog hair sticks to a shiny puddle on the &hellip Continue reading »

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