Mondays with gratitude

Under the Harvest Moon (Mondays, with gratitude #20)

Last year at this time, I was turning 50, getting ready to launch my first book in a beautiful old community hall, purchasing a gorgeous piece of coastal property, celebrating 22 glorious years with my Darlin’, and awaiting a visit from my first grandchild, who was only 2 months old. It was a big month. &hellip Continue reading »

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Island time (Mondays, with gratitude #19)

I spent Labour Day weekend on the beautiful Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. This is a special island – actually an archipelago – that has its own measure of time. I rarely look at my watch while here. My soul breathes deep on the 1.5 hour ferry ride from the mainland as, &hellip Continue reading »

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Summer rain (Mondays, with gratitude#18)

The past two weeks have been particularly full, and so my reflections on gratitude in this time have been fleeting ones, brief prayerful murmurs of thankfulness lifted up and released, like feathers on the breeze. Truth is that I’ve barely touched my computer and putting my thoughts in order had to be postponed until a &hellip Continue reading »

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Family matters (Mondays, with Gratitude #17)

This week was all about family. My husband organized the first ever reunion of his maternal family members. They have previously come together  for funerals or weddings, but this time, one hundred of them gathered for the ‘soul’ purpose of celebrating their family tree and all the branches that glue them together. That make up &hellip Continue reading »

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It’s not about the hike (Mondays, with gratitude #16)

It was a spontaneous decision…an email from a friend, subject heading, “It’s not about the hike, it’s about the journey.” She was proposing an 8 km overnight hike to Seely Beach along the Fundy Footpath and her subject heading couldn’t have been more appropriate. Any section of the 41 km long wilderness Fundy Footpath is &hellip Continue reading »

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Life cycles (Mondays, with gratitude #15)

Rumbles and flashes ushered me into a dark Monday morning, and I sat quietly with my coffee, enjoying the sound of the rain.  Later, a quick walk on the marsh took me into the stillness of a Monet painting where drifts of valerian stood with queenly grace and fireweed held sway. Through the years we’ve &hellip Continue reading »

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The fullness of time (Mondays, with gratitude #14)

Time has been on my mind for the past two weeks. (In particular ‘the fullness of time’…how I love that phrase…it takes time and stretches it beyond horizons and seasons and  generations and mountains…it makes this single moment insignificant and significant beyond measure). Two weeks ago, I set time aside…literally… to escape with a friend, &hellip Continue reading »

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Mondays, with gratitude#13

This coming week I’ll be disconnecting for a week long self-imposed retreat with another dear friend (also a writer). We (and the Callie-dog) are escaping to a cottage along the shore.  We live in separate cities, a few hours apart, and our time together consists of the odd quick weekends scattered here and there, typically &hellip Continue reading »

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