Mondays with gratitude

Celebrating Friendship

I didn’t find my friends; the good God gave them to me. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~ This weekend, I hosted one of two annual traditions – a Christmas dinner party – for a special group of women in my life. We first met in 2003, when we traveled to Belgium for a Joints in Motion &hellip Continue reading »

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Remembering Caledonia

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France As we now approach a week without our girl (first week, first month, first Christmas, first hike…all these will carry their own bittersweet moments), we still find ourselves muddling along, feeling our way through the cold corridors of loss, &hellip Continue reading »

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Going Deep

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went exploring the farm property I purchased a year ago to celebrate my 50th birthday. It is a combination of marsh, field and forest situated on a sunny mountain slope overlooking the bay and the eastern boundary is a small creek at the bottom of a gorge. &hellip Continue reading »

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Pursuing a dream

I’m currently reading a wise little book that has become wildly popular in recent years: The  Alchemist.  It is the tale of Santiago, a thoughtful Spanish shepherd on a quest; a tale that is glorious in its beauty and simplicity underscored by profound insights into humanity and nature. “He owned a jacket, a book that &hellip Continue reading »

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Freedom (Mondays, with gratitude #25)

Recently I found a poem that I had written in the angst of my youth – my response, no doubt, to a series of restrictions imposed by my parents. I wrote of my youthful yearning to be free – free like the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea – quite melodramatic, but &hellip Continue reading »

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Letting Go (Mondays with gratitude #24)

The image sears, fire-burned in place. A clear, starlit autumn night, brilliant oblong moon rising above the tree tops. Twenty women gathered around a blazing fire, voices quiet now, holding in their hearts the rise and fall of an emotional day. Warm wind winnows parched leaves from the trees and cools flamed-warmed skin.  Strands of &hellip Continue reading »

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Sail home (Mondays, with gratitude #22)

I’ve never met Sara, but in the past two weeks have come to know her in her dying. Her story, her words, her blog has alternatively moved me to tears, lifted me, made me laugh, felled me. She has sailed on home now and I regret that I never knew her while she laughed. She &hellip Continue reading »

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Messy moments (Mondays, with gratitude #21)

The house is quiet and still. Cookie crumbs crunch underfoot, Cheerios roll out of odd places, finger and nose pictographs crisscross windows.  A red block peeks from under the sofa, smears of jam decorate the table.  A tiny facecloth dries on a chair. A tumbleweed of dog hair sticks to a shiny puddle on the &hellip Continue reading »

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