For the love of trees

Trees have received top billing in our region this past week. When a developer hired tree cutters to begin cutting century old trees in a tranquil green space alongside one of Moncton’s heritage properties, people leaped into action. Quite literally. It started with one man, but word spread and soon other protesters had arrived to &hellip Continue reading »

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Write in Nature & Write Green, Make Green Workshops

I’m collaborating with local authors Trudy Kelly Forsythe and Carmel Vivier to deliver two fabulous nature writing workshops at the lovely Bamara Inn in Hampton, NB on September 24th. Take your pick! My workshop (Write in Nature) is for those who want to learn more about how to write about nature, how to incorporate nature &hellip Continue reading »

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Buy Local: Veggie Heaven

When Mindy mentioned her garden-share program last winter, I signed up immediately.   Although there have been a few of these opportunities emerging in other parts of our province , this was the first I had heard of in my rural area and I was thrilled to support her endeavours (and to supplement my own struggling &hellip Continue reading »

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Life cycles (Mondays, with gratitude #15)

Rumbles and flashes ushered me into a dark Monday morning, and I sat quietly with my coffee, enjoying the sound of the rain.  Later, a quick walk on the marsh took me into the stillness of a Monet painting where drifts of valerian stood with queenly grace and fireweed held sway. Through the years we’ve &hellip Continue reading »

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Goosetongue greens

I live at the edge of a bay where land and sea come gently together…we have neither the majesty of extreme mountain ranges nor the fury of open ocean…but enjoy a  place of transition, where time has eroded the mountains and salt tides  have softened landforms to create marshes rich and green. In mid-summer, you &hellip Continue reading »

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Lake Moods & Memories

Just a few days of respite at a friend’s secluded camp. That’s all it took. No electricity, technology, noise, people, agendas, chores. Just being. And coming to know the lake, its textures and sounds, its creatures and moods. I am contentedly human again. We sat, quietly, my husband and I…allowing our minds to rest. Conversation &hellip Continue reading »

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Overlooked and Undervalued

“When some portion of the biosphere is rather unpopular with the human race – a crocodile, a dandelion, a stony valley, a snowstorm, an odd-shaped flint – there are three sorts of human being who are particularly likely still to see a point in it and befriend it. They are poets, scientists and children. Inside &hellip Continue reading »

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The Spirit of a Place

I had looked forward to seeing the Canadian Badlands while on a family vacation, having been so taken with similar landscapes in Arizona and New Mexico. While not quite as spectacular as its wild southern counterparts, there was unmistakable subtle beauty in the wide sweeping plateaus of grassland and carved valleys and coulees, bounded with &hellip Continue reading »

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