A Retreat for the Wild Soul

“The soul is like a wild animal – tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient. It knows how to survive in hard places. But it is also shy. Just like a wild animal, it seeks safety in the dense underbrush. If we want to see a wild animal, we know that the last thing we should do is &hellip Continue reading »

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Be the change.

He stands alone on the curb; an island beside a river of drivers intent upon their own heroic mission…a place to be, a task to complete, a deal to transact, a person to meet, a shopping list to fill. Although I catch barely a glimpse of his solitary shape through the traffic, I recognize the &hellip Continue reading »

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Protecting hearth and home

Something I love is being threatened. My ancestors were among the first to settle this land. I am at home here and when I walk these crisped leaf-laden paths, the souls of my feet grind the skins of these trees into soil that’s alive with my heritage. Strength and fortitude has nourished this soil, these &hellip Continue reading »

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Autumn in Albert County

I want to cling to fall; to hang, clasped tight, onto every blessed minute of it. My eyes have not yet opened wide enough to take in the kaleidoscope of colour bursting over the hills and valleys, cold waters rushing over granite, the mist drifting with the morning light, or the harvest and hunter’s moons &hellip Continue reading »

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Patriotic love

It’s been a while. Between assimilating my Haiti trip, getting caught up on work, making presentations and workshops, and enjoying a stupendous vacation in the most beautiful province of Newfoundland, my hours have not been empty. But today is a day for relaxation and enjoyment. This morning, I have the house to myself, the sun &hellip Continue reading »

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Beauty from brokenness

Our Navajo guide deserted us just moments after he pointed us into a crack in the earth and down the steep stairs to the bottom of Antelope Canyon, a corkscrew slot in the desert floor not far from Lake Powell, Arizona. From above, one would never guess what lay beneath. Antelope Canyon is a magical &hellip Continue reading »

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Into the desert

“We do not go into the desert to escape people but to learn how to find them; we do not leave them in order to have nothing more to do with them, but to find out the way to do them the most good.” ~Thomas Merton A number of years ago, we made several trips &hellip Continue reading »

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Going Deep

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went exploring the farm property I purchased a year ago to celebrate my 50th birthday. It is a combination of marsh, field and forest situated on a sunny mountain slope overlooking the bay and the eastern boundary is a small creek at the bottom of a gorge. &hellip Continue reading »

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