Between life and death

The robins called first; frantic, insistent.  I saw the tiger-coloured cat hunched by the edge of the lawn, mouth full.  As I moved toward it, the cat dropped its prize and ran down the driveway. A tiny chipmunk lay there, heaving. I picked him up, and looked him all over. Although there were scuff marks &hellip Continue reading »

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The way of things

“The past is beautiful because one never realizes emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only the past.” Virginia Woolfe   There was no one thing that could have prepared me for the complexity and contrasts of Haiti. It will be a long time before &hellip Continue reading »

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High Road to Mombin Crochu

(Note: this post seems so old to me now…we visited Mombin Crochu from April 14-17 – only a week, but seems like a lifetime. No internet for several days.) Rough roads have new meaning for me. After leaving Limbe at 4AM, we picked-up Liz, Ossé and our rental truck in Cap Haitien then headed south &hellip Continue reading »

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Ribbon of wealth

My first thought is that the city of Cap Haitien is a war zone. Originally built for a population of 50,000, it swelled to an estimated 500,000 – 750,000 after the 2009 mudslides and the 2010 earthquake.  Because it has an airport, the city is the introduction to Haiti for those who fly into the &hellip Continue reading »

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