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Buy Local: Veggie Heaven

When Mindy mentioned her garden-share program last winter, I signed up immediately.   Although there have been a few of these opportunities emerging in other parts of our province , this was the first I had heard of in my rural area and I was thrilled to support her endeavours (and to supplement my own struggling &hellip Continue reading »

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MonctonWriters host Reveille! for the Frye Festival

My writing association ( is hosting a very special open mic event in conjunction with Moncton’s premiere international literary event – the Frye Festival). Here is the info…if you live in the Moncton area, we’d love to have you come down and share in the fun…Reveille! promises to be a hoot! Read on… Are you &hellip Continue reading »

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What if Country Gardens were more about Friends than Flowers?

Albert County had its first annual garden tour on Saturday, featuring a number of gardens in Hopewell Cape. It was an idea long overdue. One of those featured was actually my former garden. It was like meeting an old friend who has matured since you last saw her. I walked about familiar beds and marveled &hellip Continue reading »

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What if the Footloose Spirit was Spreading?

It is! Word has it that Albert County’s successful support of Footloose! is making waves….Petitcodiac plans to adopt our program in their own community. Also, in case you hadn’t already heard, N.B. Premier Shawn Graham also nominated Footloose! for the Tommy Douglas Award in Ottawa as an example of primary health care in Canada. If &hellip Continue reading »

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What if Footloose wasn’t just something you did, but something you lived?

A small, but very enthusiastic, group of us met last week to talk about running the Footloose! program in Albert County again this summer. Great News! We’ll be launching Footloose! Round Two on June 16th with the same trademark wild lime green color, but with a slightly different motto…Footloose! for Life. Because, that’s what this &hellip Continue reading »

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What if dreams came true?

I have a dream. It’s a wild one, but it just won’t leave me alone. I dream a community of healthy people. Not just healthy-heath-wise, but healthy-connected-wise. Connected … to our land, to our actions, to each other. I believe that the deeper the connection people have to their surroundings, the better they feel about &hellip Continue reading »

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Moncton writers to unlock their trade secrets at January workshop

Have you always wanted to write, but don’t know how to start? Maybe you’ve been writing secretly for ages, but don’t know where to go from here? You’re in luck. Join the group of professional freelance writers for an informative half-day workshop that will show you the possibilities and realities of the professional writing &hellip Continue reading »

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Want Another Chance?

So, it’s been a week since I bought my Nordic walking poles and they have been taking root in the closet. Between holding down a day job and freelancing at night, free moments have been scarce. But today, in spite of -6 temps and a chill wind, I dug them out and took Caledonia to &hellip Continue reading »

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