About Nature of Words

Nature of Words Creative Writing Workshops

Hi, my name is Deborah Carr and I’m a freelance writer, author, writing coach, speaker.

Nature of Words is my business and as part of that, I deliver writing workshops based in southern New Brunswick, Canada (but delivered anywhere).

These special workshops are hosted in a variety of rural accommodations, community halls, heritage buildings, or other intriguing spaces with access to beautiful outdoor landscapes. The emphasis is on losing inhibition, breaking free from structure and encouraging genuine creative flow.

Where better to discover your own innate creativity than
within a natural setting?


What makes Nature of Words different?


  • Workshops are limited in size to permit more interaction, familiarity and comfort between participants.
  • Venues are chosen based on access to natural outdoor spaces, quality of food service and atmosphere.
  • Every detail provides you with a creative experience that you will remember.
  • You’ll receive more than writing instruction…you also receive life observations gained from my experiences and adventures in writing.
  • You will be treated to a spa day for your creative soul.
Nature of Words workshops are as much about making a memory
as they are about writing.