Meet Deborah

Business wise…

I’m a  freelance writer and an author. I specialize in nature and conservation topics, as well as people profiles and travel.

For the business community, I write copy for the web, advertorials, newsletters, media releases, and advertising brochures.

I speak on topics such as community activism,  social justice, life purpose, nature and Haiti.

I’m also a writing coach…because I believe writing from the heart – turning our thoughts to words on paper – helps us find strength and clarity. We write to discover what we know. It empowers us to recognize our own authentic nature and our place in the world.

Contact me through my freelance website: or by emailing

On a personal note…I’m halfway there…

I am….a friend, a daughter, a wife, a step-mom…and a grandmother.  But before any of these, I am a child of God.

I believe in magic and miracles and that there is a special place on this earth {a place that calls out} for each person. A place where they belong.

I am where I belong.

I walk tenderly in nature, believing all is connected. I collect injured birds, relocate slugs and worms to the compost bin, dance in the rain, dream in the sun. Lately, I’ve taken to lifting my nose in the air seeking scent, breathing deep, inhaling my world…a lesson I learned from my best friend, Caledonia (that’s her with me in the photo below).

I seek joy.

I cling to the lessons my sweet Caledonia taught me:  joyful abandon, loyalty, forgiveness and uncompromising love. She is gone now, but I carry her in my heart.

I believe what I do to others and nature, I do also to myself.  So I treat myself kindly, enabling me to treat others kindly; in nature, I try not to take more than I am able to give back.

I wear long ruffled skirts, tees and tanks in summer; turtlenecks, blazers and jeans in winter. I love my food fresh and not fried, my hair free and not tied, my challenges new and untried.

Although I cannot sing a note, music is buried in me. Somewhere. I’ll find it someday…maybe when the words run out.

I dream in colour.

I believe I am just getting started. That my life is not half over, but just {beginning}.

So, this is who I am…but the question remains…who might you be?