Patriotic love

Posted by on July 1, 2012

It’s been a while. Between assimilating my Haiti trip, getting caught up on work, making presentations and workshops, and enjoying a stupendous vacation in the most beautiful province of Newfoundland, my hours have not been empty.

But today is a day for relaxation and enjoyment. This morning, I have the house to myself, the sun is shining, it is 25°C. I can enjoy a quiet day on my deck or go hike a trail. I haven’t decided yet. A light breeze dries the sweat on my back, fans the leaves of the birches and teases a melody from my wind chimes. A pair of doves bathe in the bird-bath, tiny periwinkle butterflies float like confetti over a blooming spirea.

Feelin' the magic, sharin' the love.

Shadows splash in pools of light, a junco calls insistently from a fir tree, and in the distance, a motorcycle rumbles, a lawn mower sputters, and children laugh and scream. It’s a typical holiday weekend and dare I say all is well with my world for the moment?

On this, our national holiday, I want to share a few photos and memories to explain why I am so grateful to be Canadian, why I love this country of mine and also to remind myself why it is so important to safeguard the things that are near and dear to our hearts. Creativity, Wilderness, Freedom of Faith, Fresh Air, Fresh Water.


O Canada!
Our home and native land


Morning slides over Nictau Lake, Mount Carleton Provincial Park, NB


True patriot love
in all thy sons command.


Patriot love, Newfoundland style. Rose Blanche, NL


With glowing hearts
we see thee rise


Sunrise, Hopewell Rocks, NB


The true north
strong and free


Canadian Rockies

From far and wide,
O Canada


Sunset, Rocky Harbour, NL


We stand on guard for thee.


Be Prepared and self-reliant: Hiking the Fundy Footpath wilderness trail, NB


God keep our land,
glorious and free


Sunset at Five Islands, NS

O Canada!
We stand on guard for thee


An iceberg guards the bay at Eddie's Cove, NL


O Canada!
We stand on guard for thee.


Harp music by the sea, Lobster Cove Lighthouse, NL

Happy Canada Day, dear friends.

4 Valued Thoughts on Patriotic love

  1. Jane Tims

    Hi Deborah. Lovely tribute to Canada. I look forward to this day. We always see the fireworks and I try to take the time to think about how lucky we are. Happy Canada Day! Jane

  2. Ceci

    What a beautifully expressed homage to Canada. Visually and Verbally it speaks gently to my soul and shared feelings, experiences and respect. Thank you. Happy Canada Day! Ceci

  3. deb

    Enjoy your day Deb!
    Loved this, thank you.

  4. Carol Steel

    What a beautiful, thoughtful reminder of the country in which we live! Thank you for the words and the photos, as always well expressed and visually striking.

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