No Thoughts of Spring…

Posted by on February 26, 2009

Following every heavy snowfall, we do ‘trail maintenance’ behind our house, so a couple days ago, being a pleasant +2 Celsius, I set out to tramp our snowshoe trail through the woods and around a nearby duck pond.

While most of my friends have the new, lightweight aluminum snowshoes, I prefer my good ole “beaver tail” for navigating through deep snow.
After a couple of passes, the trail is ‘set’ (at least until the next snowfall!). It’s hard work, tramping through the deep snow, but worthwhile…this will give us a firm foundation for walking later on in the spring. By April, we should be able to continue walking on the snow path without sinking. (I love the long, lean shadows of winter…)

It also makes the going much easier for Callie-dog, who is light enough to run freely in the tracks without sinking.

Of course, she does like to be the leader…and it’s very hard to convince her to stay behind while I break the trail…

The snow is so deep now, that nothing heavier than a rabbit is moving through the forest….other than us, I mean…We had a feeder for the deer out back, but the snow’s too deep for them now…They have moved into the village, where they can travel on roads and sleep in backyards, away from the coyotes. There are actually four in this photo. Two on the right, one lying down in the centre and the big one on the left. Thankfully, people do feed them.

Yes, the temperatures have been wonderful; there is warmth in the air, but spring is still a long way off. For now, I’m just enjoying every bit of winter.

7 Valued Thoughts on No Thoughts of Spring…

  1. Diane

    Wow, I was so surprised to see the snowshoes! I use snowshoes too and wrote about my refusal to use the new fangled aluminum ones 🙂

    Callie looks thrilled … my dogs are the same in that they don’t fall through the packed down snowshoe trails — and they do the leading. How great to know someone else snowshoes!

  2. One Woman's Journey

    Beautiful pictures. No snow in my area this year. My new country home site is nothing but MUD. But I have a vision of beginning cottage gardens surrounding my cottage.

  3. Diane

    oh oh Deb, I just realized the link I gave won’t direct you to the correct image. My apologies. Unfortunately the link that will work:
    only takes you to the thumbnails and then it’s an eyeball for the one with my snowshoes!

    Sorry about that. Have a wonderful weekend out there!

  4. Shelley

    Deborah – what wonderful pictures and truly a sense of wonder when snow shoeing. I haven’t done that in years! Lovely site, I shall return. I always enjoy your writing and especially appreciate the work done (and articles written) for Crossroads.

  5. Deborah Carr

    Oh, Diane…you have the ‘real mccoy’ – snowshoes laced with leather! I haven’t seen any of these for years.

  6. Deborah Carr

    Ernestine…I think I prefer the snow rather than the mud…of course, I still remember that from when we built our house. I’m sure your cottage will be lovely when done.

  7. Victoria Cummings

    Deb – Your snow photos are giving me a little more enthusiasm for the 10-13 inches we’re supposed to get tonight and tomorrow. Callie looks so happy – she’s got a sweet face. Snowshoes – I may have to look into that. I’ve got “Yak Traks” – I love them. Can’t imagine how I would have gotten through this winter without them.

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