What if Footloose wasn’t just something you did, but something you lived?

Posted by on May 18, 2008

A small, but very enthusiastic, group of us met last week to talk about running the Footloose! program in Albert County again this summer.

Great News! We’ll be launching Footloose! Round Two on June 16th with the same trademark wild lime green color, but with a slightly different motto…Footloose! for Life. Because, that’s what this is really all about…making enduring changes in our lifestyles: in the way we live life, see life, think life, enjoy life, smell life.

Take a sniff…doesn’t spring smell wonderful? It smells like new life. New beginnings.

When we launched Footloose! last July, the goal was to encourage folks to get outside and become more active. We also wanted to build stronger community connections between the widely separated villages. The program succeeded in a very big way. It showed all of us that Albert County was ready for change: ready to take action and ready to close those gaps that separate us.

A number of individuals tackled some very serious health challenges and made significant improvements in their life. It was awesome to see friends out running or walking together, building stronger relationships as folks worked to log 10,000 steps a day on bright orange pedometers. As a spin-off, we now have a Nordic walking club meeting regularly in each of the three communities.

This summer, Footloose! will be even bigger and better – we’re encouraging more families to take part in the challenges, promoting healthy eating (along with the exercise), and doing whatever we can to share the success stories so we can cheer on one another. Watch for more news coming…this summer Albert County’s going to glow with those lime green Footloose! for Life T-shirts!

One Valued Thought on What if Footloose wasn’t just something you did, but something you lived?

  1. Sarah Butland

    Bravo! What a wonderful program to be returning and I’m sure promises to be even greater this summer. Footloose stands for all that is great! I can’t wait to participate and I’m in Moncton!

    Great article, Deborah!

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