What if stories could fly?

Posted by on March 7, 2008

This story has!

We were delighted on Thursday when three news crews and a newspaper reporter showed up to help us welcome Jay and Charlotte Allan to their new barrier-free home built by volunteers and financed by benefactors and businesses. Someone noted that we received more media interest for our Gifts from the Heart housewarming this week than at a recent government funding announcement for a new nursing home in our community.

On the left, my husband, Pat Carr, being interviewed by CBC TV. Below, everyone films Charlotte cutting the cake.

I feel so blessed to live in a rural area that can make something like this happen. I often hear our rural communities are dying, but I say only if we let them. If we stand together for what we believe in, we can turn the tide. This project is the perfect example of what can be accomplished. I hope we are putting Hillsborough, NB (pop. 1200) on the map!

The blitz started on Monday evening with a 9-minute interview with volunteer Norman Woodworth on CBC Radio’s Shift program, followed by a wonderful story narrative done by reporter Kate Letterick for Information Morning’s new series called Hometown Heroes (http://www.cbc.ca/informationmorningmoncton). She went to the hospital to interview Jay and Charlotte Allan, then to the house to speak with some of the volunteers.

Following our housewarming celebration yesterday, we had TV news spots last night on three channels – CBC, Global and ATV; more online articles today: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2008/03/07/volunteer-home.html

Spectators wiped their eyes as Norman Woodworth passed the house keys over to Charlotte, but the only truly sad part of yesterday’s celebration to welcome the Allans to their new home was that Jay couldn’t be with us. However, the enthusiastic media trooped up to the hospital to interview him there.

The response for this project has been overwhelming and we are just so grateful this story is being shared – perhaps it will give others the encouragement to jump right in when the opportunity arises.

So often, we feel like we can do nothing to help change our world, but in reality, to do nothing, is to change nothing.

As Charlotte said so eloquently, “Don’t let it stop with me and Jay, if you see someone in need and you’re capable of helping, just help.”

Of course, it’s not too late to help us out here…we still need about $4000 to pay the remaining amounts owing and to build a veranda with wheelchair ramp under that front overhang and do the landscaping in the spring…should someone feel so moved…they can contact Pat Carr at 506-734-2367.

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  1. jodi

    Deb, I heard the story on CBC radio just as I was pulling into Memramcook to the Organic growing conference, (saw Kate there, which was nice). Then saw the Friday piece on ATV, so that was also great. Stories like this give me real hope, and everyone involved deserves huge congratulations. Well done to Pat, especially, for taking this all on, and I hope you’re going to write about it somewhere great!

  2. Diane

    I can see and understand why this wonderful, heartwarming story got so much coverage. Bless CBC for covering this type of story as well as they do also.

    Bravo to all of you for such acts of kindness.


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