What if a small act of kindness could change our world?

Posted by on March 3, 2008

We believe it can.

We’ll be moving Jay and Charlotte’s possessions in this week. The house-building project will be finished.

But the community-building is just beginning.

We’ve seen the ripple effect the Gifts from the Heart project has created. Anyone who took part – if they choose to recognize this – knows their involvement has made a subtle (and for some, a profound) difference in their lives. From the original Dirty Dozen (shown below – minus two) to the folks who helped with their own brand of talent; from the organizations that fund raised to the individuals who contributed donations as the project progressed; each one can see themselves in a slightly different way because of their participation.

They were part of a greater story. There is something else going on here…something big is building in Albert County. We are drawing back to what makes rural life special. Dependence on one another. Demonstrations of caring. All over Albert County, people are experiencing Random Acts of Kindness.

Change is in the air. We’ve seen it in the eyes of the people who heard the story and chose to help. We’ve heard it in the comments from others.

And we’re ready for it. Yes, this is just a beginning.

One Valued Thought on What if a small act of kindness could change our world?

  1. Nancy J. Bond

    I lived in a rural, seaside village all my life, and one of the things I miss most, now that I’m in a small town (by necessity, not choice) is that sense of community. Of neighbor helping neighbor. Of neighbor CARING about neighbor. I hope your most worthy project simply snowballs, all over Albert County and beyond!

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