When a plan comes together…

Posted by on February 18, 2008

What do you get when you throw together a handful of committed volunteers, $10,000 in donations, 1800 volunteer hours, 100 days and the participation of about 25 volunteers and over a dozen businesses?

A house for Jay and Charlotte.

Granted, the planning took a couple of months before we ever started, but from the wall raising on November 24 until today, I’m amazed how much has been accomplished. It’s quickly become a cozy little bungalow.

For two weekends, Bill Redwood and a friend spent many after work hours installing the ceramic in Jay’s drive-in shower .

Donna Reid has been painting for several days.

Saturday, Chad MacLean put the propane fireplace in place. John Tingley is working on crafting a mantle.

Today, Wildwood Kitchens arrived to assemble the kitchen they graciously donated.

Here, faithful volunteers Gord Hisey and my hubbie, Pat take a cookie and tea break with Donna before she picks up the paintbrush and roller again

So many wonderful people, with such willing hearts. Do you wonder why I love Albert County so much?

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