What if the finish line were in sight? It is!!

Posted by on February 29, 2008

What do you get when you combine a handful of volunteers, 110 days and $12,000? How about a 1064 sq. foot barrier-free home built just for two?

The finishing touches are all that is left. Next week, Jay and Charlotte Allan will finally be moving into a brand new barrier-free home built by a handful of committed individuals and financed by local businesses and benefactors. To celebrate the completion of the project, a small house-warming for the volunteer helpers and the Allans will be held at the new home on Thursday.

Working with only $12,000 in donations, a total of 25 volunteers, tremendous support from local area businesses and about 1850 hours of volunteer labour, this small project team coordinated the construction of the barrier-free home, built from the heart. From the drive-in ceramic shower to the heightened electrical outlets and lowered kitchen countertop and lightswitches, everything was planned with Jay and Charlotte’s needs in mind.

Although we started without a cent, or even a budget, someone always appeared with money when it was needed. My hubbie Pat Carr, the coordinator says:

“There’s a ripple effect when people help people. This goes far beyond the work of the actual project. When someone opens their heart to others, it changes their own life, in addition to the lives of those they help.”

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